Our journey to Singapore wasn’t exactly smooth. We had booked an airport transfer for 6am but had failed to mention German time not Asian time so our driver showed up 15 minutes late, he then decided to stop for petrol and then he stopped for breakfast! Our experience at Mandalay Airport was smooth until we arrived at our stopover in Yangon. We ended up in the wrong terminal and through security. Turns out, once you’re through security it’s quite hard to get out again!!

After our 6 hours in Yangon we finally caught our flight to Singapore.

When you first step out the airport in Singapore you immediately notice the humidity. After we arrived at our hotel we decided to treat ourselves to a dominos. We arrived pretty late and had no energy to do anything else.

The next morning we had a lie in and set off toward the Marina via suntec city (massive shopping centre). Long story short, we never made it to the Marina we spent all day in suntec. That night we began looking at our next move after our next tour ends in Vietnam. After thinking long and hard, I made the decision to book my flight home in May whilst Ben continues on to New Zealand and Australia.

The next day we did make it to the Marina, after our morning swim! We visited the Gardens at the Marina which were absolutely stunning. I’d add pictures but my internet isn’t good enough! After we had done the flower dome and the cloud forest we went to the top of the Marina sands hotel for panoramic views of the city. This was gorgeous and Singapore might be one of my favourite cities.

Today, we headed to the airport for our flight to Bangkok. Singapore airport is like something out of the future. It’s incredible. On the way to the airport I discovered that my card had been cloned and completely emptied from cash points in Indonesia.

This afternoon we arrived in Bangkok where we start our final tour tomorrow morning!

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