Kalaw and Inle Lake

After forever on a bus we finally arrived in Kalaw. Kalaw is a village in the mountains. It was definitely a change of pace from Bagan and Yangon and it was welcomed.

Here is where the trekkers went and did the trek and Ben and I stayed and relaxed for 2 nights. We ate at the bakery, went on a walk and sunbathed and it was really nice to just relax in a nice place. In the mornings though, it was cold. On the second morning we could see our breath. The free breakfast we got in the mornings we enough to feed entire families rather just the two of us.

The trekkers we walking to our next destination, Inle lake. We were given the option of the taking the train or the bus. The train would take 6 hours and was a cargo train or the minibus would take 2.5. You can guess which one we took!

The bus driver took one look at my bag, climbed onto the roof with it and strapped it down. The next 2.5 hours were filled with overtaking on blind corners on windy roads down the mountains and I was very glad when we arrived at the junction to Inle Lake where we caught the taxi.

On your way into the Inle Lake region you have to pay a fee of 13,000kyat this goes toward local villages. We stayed for two nights was called Nyaung Shwe. On our first night for dinner we went to a place called Innlay hut for dinner which is an indian. The owners are mother and son. Mum is chef and son is out front. The son is obsessed with Eminem so the decor is very eminem based with slogans on the walls interspersed with buddhas. he wore a top that said “Fack Trump” on the front and still don’t give a shit on the back and was very strange!

On our last day in Inle we took a boat tour on the lake which was stunning. We passed floating farms and floating villages. We visited a weaver, blacksmith and the long necked tribe where they wear rings around their neck. These weigh 13kgs and a new ring is added every 5 years. Originally they were used as protection from tigers but now just for beauty. Once these rings are on they do not come off as the neck muscles become too weak to hold the head up.

This morning we left inle lake for an 8 hour bus ride to Mandalay.

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