We started off our morning with a walking tour from an organisation called Salaam Balak which helps street children. Ejaz our tour guide ran away from his home when he was 10 and lived on the streets for a year before joining the organisation. He showed us round part of Delhi and one of the organisation’s 6 shelters for the children. 

We left the shelter and walked to Masjid Mosque which was absolutely stunning but I have no pictures of it because I didn’t want to pay the camera fee!! Today was a day of visiting worshipping places because afterward we went to the Sikh temple –  SeesGanj Gurudwara where we saw them making rotis to feed the masses who visit. 

The Gurudwara itself was amazing with so much colours and music. No photos here either as it wasn’t allowed.  On our way to the Gurudwara we saw our first wild monkey of the trip and I was like a kid in a candy shop!! 

We then took our bus to Agra, where we have had some dinner and are prepping ourselves for the amazing Taj Mahal tomorrow.

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